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First-Time Buyer’s guide to windows

When you’ve finally settled on that one property you can truly see yourself living in, you may want to consider making upgrades to the windows to ensure it feels like home, not just a house.

However, approaching these home improvements as a first-time buyer can be a daunting and somewhat difficult task! As a first-time buyer, certain areas are best left to the experts instead – things like roofline works, asbestos removal, re-plastering etc. And, in particular, your windows should perhaps be at the very top of that growing list.

So, what must first-time buyers be fully aware of regarding their windows?

Make Small Adjustments, Not Large-Scale Changes.

When it comes to improving your windows, did you know you could replace the glass unit rather than the entire window frame itself?! Then, if you already like the features on the property and the issues lie with their standard, you can simply arrange for these necessary changes to be made. This is a quick, easy and cost-effective way of giving your property the facelift it deserves without altering the aesthetic you feel in love with.

Don’t just finish there either. A good clean and polish will brighten up those original window frames; use warm, soapy water to wash, and then once dry, use a silicone spray as a polish. The silicone sealing and trims can be replaced if the existing colour of the materials has faded too.

Security Is Essential To Your Health And Safety.

Protecting your home protects your life and the lives of your family. But, unfortunately, without proper security on our doors, we are giving potential intruders a free shot at breaking in. Installing better locks gives you that peace of mind to live your life the way you really want to.

Take our Ultion cylinders, for example. Most security locks have only five to six pins, whereas Ultion uses 11. This essentially means the Ultion cylinder creates nearly three times the number of key combinations than the highest standard has, making it much more difficult to pick. So do not take security for granted at all. It has to be a need, not a want. Make sure you’re putting your safety first.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help And Advice.

First-time buyers often try to navigate through everything without seeking out the views of professionals who can offer their help. Don’t end up like this; make use of experts instead.

Nearly every company offers a free no-obligation quotation. There’s no harm in doing this at all. Then get the advice of good quality firms to see what needs doing where and what doesn’t. Everything might need replacing, or only a few areas may benefit from improvements. Receiving this advice can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Be smart – get help where possible. This is genuinely the best thing first-time buyers can do when starting out.

Get in touch with us today for help and advice.

Personalisation Makes A House A Home.

Putting your mark on a property helps make it yours. However, for first-time buyers, money is often tight. Fortunately, personalisation doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Cost-Effective Personalisation

Making your windows unique can only increase your love for the property. By changing the handles and swapping the colours or materials, you can make your property more personal to your tastes. In addition, you can add a touch of class with new chrome fixtures and fittings, making the house more aesthetically pleasing.

These quick and easy additions may sound simple, but they are extremely effective. And kind on your wallet! For inspiration, take a look at the hardware we have on offer. With so many different styles, from vintage to contemporary, you’ll be able to find a fresh option that suits both you and your house. In our books, a house that doesn’t have this attention to detail is not a home.

Replacing Windows

For those with some budget left, it can be worth investing in some new windows. New windows can help elevate your property’s aesthetic while also improving its energy efficiency rating. Ultimately, such improvements can help save you money further down the line.  

Once you’ve decided on this investment, your next decision is what style and colour to go for. Before committing to such a purchase, it is always important to get a feel of these full installations. Have a look at our Before and After pictures to help you decide. See the effect new windows can have on your property and how much character and personality can be added. Of course, our experts are always happy to lend their expertise.

Don’t Forget Your Doors!

If you’re going to update your windows as a first-time buyer, then your doors are also going to need some TLC, too, so ensure they’re not left out! For example, having a door that does not suit the windows can ruin your property’s look. It’ll look strange and out of place – definitely not what you want!

The windows and doors have to work together and fit with the house’s overall aesthetic. Similar can be said about the security as well. The same levels of security have to be implemented with each entry into your home. If not, there will be a weak point that can be exploited. Ensure this doesn’t happen and get composite doors along with your windows.

Case Study Of A First-Time Buyer.

First-time buyers are always safe in our hands!

Take this example we had around two years ago with a first-time couple:

Phase One was the front door. The existing front door was extremely old, featuring just a single glazed sheet of glass that almost popped out of its own frame! A few visits to our Showroom later, they ended up settling on a Flint door paired with a standard Avantis lock, architectural handle and letterbox. Going for the ol’ fashionable grey colour and brushed aluminium finish, the hardware gives that high-end look which was then finished with expensive, etched glass. As the pane was relatively small, we managed to include it within their overall budget!

Phase Two was, of course, the windows and also the French doors. Upon inspection of their current window frames, we found that they weren’t in terrible condition; they were also internally glazed, which is a huge plus on the security front. Some service work was required with the odd replacement hinge, but other than that, a good clean helped bring them fully back to life! Some panes of glass had gone misty and were broken down, so we replaced them with ‘A-rated’ units throughout the property. This modernised the front, where we removed the Georgian bar and paired it with new handles in a brushed aluminium finish to match the front door.

Overall, the windows, French door service works, and upgrades came in at just under £1,300, including all parts, installation, and VAT. If the couple went all out and upgraded the windows and French doors, the bill would have been over £3,500 for a basic re-design in an ‘A-rated’ uPVC white system. The front door came in at just over £1,100 – including installation and VAT.

So, How Can We Help?

At Hayley Windows, our products are of extremely high quality. Each of our windows, be it uPVC, Bespoke Glass, Timber or Aluminium, are manufactured by the UK’s top providers, each made to transform your home into a masterpiece. Find out more by calling 01384 896989 today!


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