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Why upgrading your windows can help transform your house for the better

Now that it’s officially 2022, it is finally time for you to get around to those jobs you’ve always put off! Our houses can definitely benefit from a touch-up every once in a while: a lick of paint on the walls or even a new addition to the garden. Upgrades can make a house feel like home.

One such area of improvement that you should 100% consider is your windows. A window provides our homes with light, warmth and beauty, making us feel less confined as a result. Without them, a house isn’t even a house. So, if your windows are out of date, then it’s important you make that upgrade and experience the raft of benefits.

Here’s why you should upgrade today:

Boost Energy Efficiency

Your home’s energy efficiency is directly related to your doors and windows. For example, windows that let in too much cold can lead to you using more energy through the heating and electricity. So, making your doors, windows and conservatory more energy efficient will reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint, therefore saving you money!

New windows benefit from all the latest technology, resulting in better energy efficiency for you. And, with our expert installers on hand to help fit these windows, you will be much better off than you were beforehand. Switching from single glazed to double or triple glazed will either double or triple the savings you’re experiencing. Now, who doesn’t want that?!

Increase Property Value

It may be possible that you’re looking to sell up within the next few years. So, if you’re thinking of doing just that, then you’ll be pleased to know that upgraded windows increase property value.

Considering that double/triple glazing helps save money, people will be more willing to buy your property over another which doesn’t have these added features. And, of course, this is also factored into the immediate valuation, which means your property will increase in value accordingly.

Research has shown that the average value can increase by 10% with double glazing. Potential buyers are drawn to the financial savings of updated windows, making your house a solid investment.

Lower Maintenance Required

Again thanks to new technology, you won’t need to maintain your windows regularly. The new glass used is of better quality, meaning it can withstand more punishment. Also, you don’t have to think about painting anymore due to the frames being made out of uPVC or Aluminium. So, instead of having to spend time fixing up that window, you can do something you actually enjoy!

The lifespans of our windows are now much longer. Older, single glazed windows typically last up to 10 years, whereas double glazed windows last double that amount of time at 20 years. Top of the list is triple glazed windows with their 30-year respective lifespan. An upgrade to double/triple glazed windows means you don’t have to worry about replacements any time soon; They are here to stay.

Improve The Property’s Aesthetics

A good window can help make a house look magnificent. Look at our before and after photos and see the difference that we can make to your home. Beforehand, those houses looked worn and out of touch with the modern world. Now they look fresh and almost as if they were built yesterday! It may be a simple tweak, but it is incredibly effective nonetheless.

The windows and doors you had installed some years ago might not match your taste in a home today, so make sure you do something about it. With more design choices available now than there were all those years ago, you can surely help give your house a second lease on life.

Block Out Noise Pollution

Finally, it is important to note that new windows can block out noise. Glass panes are ideal for conducting sound waves, making single panes largely ineffective at stopping unwanted noise from entering your home. So, with upgrades to double/triple glazing, you will be able to enjoy your favourite TV shows in peace and quiet once again!

When we install the windows, we will inspect and ensure that they thoroughly do their job and fill in any spaces where sound can travel through. Of course, it is not just the glass that sound can travel through either; the gaps between the wall and the window can also contribute. But we will ensure this doesn’t happen.

So, How Can We Help?

At Hayley Windows, our products are of extremely high quality. Each of our windows, be it uPVC, Bespoke Glass, Timber or Aluminium, are manufactured by the UK’s top providers, each made to transform your home into a masterpiece. Find out more by calling 01384 896989 today!


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