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How can double glazing windows help reduce your energy bill this winter?

There’s no denying it any longer; winter isn’t coming. It’s already here! If you’re anything like us, we hate turning the heating on too early as it can be a huge energy waste, especially if you aren’t insulating your house correctly already. So this week, we are going to be explaining how double glazing can reduce energy bills! Not only will you be saving money; but, also, you can have a positive impact on the environment. Choosing Hayley Windows to insulate your home will save you money as less heat will be lost through your windows, meaning you won’t have to crank up that thermostat as much.

Did you know that all windows are given an energy scale rating? This is called the WER and ranks from A+ to G. Obviously, the higher the rating, the more efficient the windows are at retaining heat energy. You may find that older windows such as shutter windows are only single glazed and so that’s why it costs more to heat an old house. Please keep reading to learn more about why you should double glaze your windows and why Hayley Windows is the best choice for both you and your home.

How Does Double Glazing Work?

Here at Hayley Windows, we are proud to work with our very own independent glass supplier that can provide bespoke double glazed glass to tailor to your needs. We can either replicate a former window or create a new one; we even have beautiful stained glass on offer. We know how important a window is as it can really add to the character and vibe of your home; that is why we offer windows made of the finest quality and to the highest standards.

Using only the finest materials means that energy can be preserved much more efficiently. For example, the inner pane of glass is designed specifically to reduce the amount of heat typically lost through a window; meanwhile, the outer window pane allows heat from the sun to penetrate and further warm your interior. As more heat is retained, the outer pane is not heated as much. This means that not as much heat will be lost; therefore, any heat generated from inside your home will remain within your home and not escape as much.

How Much Will I Save?

We can’t tell you how much you would be looking at saving through this blog alone. However, according to the GGF energy savings calculator, replacing older single glazed windows with newer, high ranking double glazed windows could potentially save £285 a year in heating bills! Just think, that’s Christmas presents sorted for next year! So if you want to know how much you personally could be savings, then here’s the link to the energy savings calculator.

Will Double Glazing Pay Itself Back Through Conserved Energy?

We often get asked if the overall energy savings will eventually cover the cost of the installation price for double glazing. To be honest with you (as we always are with our customers), it is unlikely to pay back the entire cost of installation. However, double glazing, although a significant investment in something that adds more monetary value to your home, has more and more buyers looking for homes with double glazing already installed. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, double glazing is an excellent source of sustainability as it preserves heat energy. Doing your part for the planet is – in our opinion – worth the price alone.

Why Choose Hayley Windows

As aforementioned, Hayley Windows works personally with a bespoke glass supplier who specialises in double glazing and designing original stained glass windows. Our glass supplier can replicate an original design or create something new that matches your aesthetic and character for the house. We make sure only to use glass that ranks high on the WER list, meaning that you will only be receiving the finest standards of double glazing. If you would like to browse our double glazing windows portfolio to look for design ideas. Or, if you’re ready to make the investment and book your consultation, then please browse our windows, doors & conservatories services and book in for your bespoke double glazing today. So stay warm this winter with Hayley Windows.


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