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Roofline Products: What are they and how can they benefit your home?

The very design of your home is incredibly important to how stable it will be over time. One that is poorly designed is going to require more work and money than a house built with better thought and attention. However, as technology is forever developing, we now have the means to upgrade your home in many different ways.

The systems that make up a house are:

  1. The Structure, consisting of a Foundation, Frame, and Roof
  2. The Functional, consisting of Windows/Doors, Plumbing, Electrics, and HVAC
  3. The Finishes: these consist of Drywall and Paint, Interior Finish Carpentry, Finished Flooring and (most importantly to us) Siding/Gutter/Soffit/Fascia – all four of which makes up the Roofline.

So, What Even Is A Roofline?

The point where your roof meets the outer walls of your house is called the Roofline. It is made up of the Siding (Bargeboard), Gutter, Soffit, and Fascia – the four key components.

The Fascia is a long straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. It is fixed to the trusses, supporting the bottom row of tiles as well as carrying the Gutter. The Bargeboard, on the other hand, neatens the end of the roof but doesn’t carry the Gutter, while the Soffit is tucked away underneath the other two boards, joining the Fascia to the walls.

Why Is It So Essential?

Without the Roofline, your property may be affected by water damage or even dry rot. Also, an unstable roof can put your health and safety at risk, so the Roofline is vital to protection. Not only that, but the plaster on your ceilings and walls can become water damaged too. And any excess water can sink into the foundations of the house. This will also have a negative impact on the electrics. So, by neglecting the Roofline, you are putting yourself and others in danger as well as the house at risk overall. Therefore, a new Roofline system is vitally important.

Yeoman Rainguard

We have an extremely impressive range of cast iron and aluminium guttering from Rainguard. Their products also come in a range of different sizes to suit the type of roof you have.

The Aluminium Range extends from XL and SL systems to Standard and Cast, offering you something different in terms of benefits. For example, aluminium is a reliable material with high durability and non-corroding elements – perfect for your guttering system. Aesthetic-wise, aluminium is ideal as it can blend into your home, not standing out too much and looking professional and smart. Moreover, it is very low maintenance at the same time.

The Cast Iron Range is a great alternative to The Aluminium Range. Is it authentic in its appearance while being made of quality manufactured materials in a solid design. If you are located in a conservation area or have a listed building, these products will fit right in! We can preserve the traditional elements of your home, ensuring that it doesn’t stand out. The cast iron is delivered as standard in a grey transit coat, ready for you to paint onsite.

Freefoam Building Products

Our textured cladding products come from Freefoam, allowing us to offer a stylish selection of Weatherboard and Shiplap solutions for your home. This cladding is durable, low maintenance, and excellent for adding a nice facade to your home; there are many styles to choose from.

The Single Shiplap Range is available in white and smooth woodgrain finishes, whereas the Fortex® range features an attractive embossed wood effect finish. Not only that but there’s The X-Wood Range as well – “a premium grade, 16mm external PVC cladding with stunning woodgrain effect finish.” Each product will be ideal, whatever the aesthetic of your home.

On top of this, there is the PVC Fascia Range of products and the uPVC Soffits Range as well. These products will both work together to make up the Roofline, ensuring it is completely weatherproof and stable. The Fascias are low maintenance and long-lasting, available in a variety of different sizes, colours and styles that can help improve your home. Choose from the Square Leg, Ogee, Bullnose, Square Edge and Flat styles on offer. Soffits are available from the Solid Soffit to the Hollow Soffit with built-in ventilation.

So, How Can We Help?

At Hayley Windows, our products are of extremely high quality. Each of our windows, be it uPVC, Bespoke Glass, Timber or Aluminium, are manufactured by the UK’s top providers, each made to transform your home into a masterpiece. Find out more by calling 01384 896989 today!


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