• Laura Molineux

Welcome to our new blog!

Here at Hayley windows we love all things INTERIORS | DESIGN | LOCAL BUSINESS so with this blog we are excited to share this passion with you! Our approach to business is sharing knowledge and helping existing or potential new customers as much as possible, if we gain a new customer at the end, well of course that's a bonus! Our ethos is to be honest and helpful every step of the way of your journey with us, whether it be a large or small project. But enough about us, we are setting up this blog to create a community of passionate people and businesses who share the same interests and values. We aim to give our readers and insight into the people and businesses we collaborate with bouncing around our passions, interests and knowledge!

Who will we be getting involved and networking with?

On a regular basis we want to be sharing insightful, interesting and valuable content to bring to our readers. Networking with local businesses ranging from the home improvements, interior design and the property industry to well being and lifestyle. Also linking up with fellow bloggers and influential individuals creating a community all sharing and caring about each other, our passions and our businesses!

Watch this space for our first collaboration......

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