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Meet Nicole Amy Visuals

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

I have been really looking forward to meeting up with Nicole and having the opportunity to talk about her business. From a personal point of view I love photography, by no means am I an expert but my appreciation for capturing moments and producing quality images is immense. There is an aura about Nicole when she talks about her business and shows me her portfolio, the obsession she shows for perfection and dedication to her craft is inspiring.

Nicole's Background.......

As a youngster there were a couple of suggestions that Nicole’s career was heading to what it is today. Nicole created and edited her first video at the age of twelve and jumped at the chance to study photography as a part of her work experience at school. As Nicole progressed into higher education focused on marketing and business her working life was in customer service and hospitality which she enjoyed.

Something I can relate to with Nicole is always having an eagerness to own a business, but not knowing what her business would be in with a hesitation in belief that her talent and passion could become her business! So Nicole’s working life continued in Cafe Nero full time which she loved and her videography really started to take shape making vlogs and fun videos with her team. With every spare moment she would be filming a day in the life and capturing as much as she could to edit. All of this being simply on a Go Pro, I really think this raw start to her professional career is what makes her work so unique. As she has developed her work still seems to have this honesty in which you cannot help but feel every moment captured in a video or photograph. Nicole’s first step of showing her talent was when she started to post her vlogs on social media, which started to generate positive comments and publicity.

The business is starting to evolve......

A very poignant moment was when Nicole decided to film her sister’s wedding in Santorini, Greece whilst also having an imperative role of being a bridesmaid! Back in the UK the video was played at the reception for any guests that could not attend the wedding. An amazing positive (but teary) response to her video was the moment she thought maybe this could be a career paired with countless people telling Nicole she needs to turn this into her full time business!

With Nicole now gaining momentum with some of her work being out there and confidence in trying out videography and photography in more of a professional way than just personal, it was time to upgrade from a GoPro. In 2016 she purchased her first camera, a bold and expensive risk working full time but only on minimum wage. However the drive to try and pursue this as a career had begun, so in her true style as soon as the camera was purchased it was off to a night club for Nicole to film her first promo video. Having no clue how to use the camera did not phase Nicole, as the best way to learn is to have guts and throw yourself in the deep end apparently ...(I think some natural skill and talent also helps!). With the new camera in toe and her first gig done, Nicole gradually started to gain more bookings and building her professional portfolio in her spare time in between her day job.

Nicole decided to move on from Cafe Nero and starting working in the city for a corporate company as a videographer. Quite soon into her role she realised this was not for her, the only option was to pursue her dream and make building her own business a reality. This corporate job was imperative for Nicole though, without this the confidence and certainty in her decision may not have evolved.

Nicole Amy Visuals is born.......

Understanding how quickly Nicole has established and built her business really is impressive, there is no doubt she has a business head, guts and talent!

With her business plan written, time to start ticking off her goals which of course have been met, with her biggest achievement being taking her business overseas. Nicole landed an impressive contract with McDonalds HQ in Toronto, Canada and filmed a clients wedding abroad in Europe. A huge part of her business year was achieving exhibiting at the National Wedding show at the NEC.

Nicole is extremely versatile in the services she offers,from capturing a newborn baby from her studio in Brockmoor, Brierley hill to shooting someone’s dream wedding day. Nicole also has a successful commercial side to her business working with companies on various forms of projects.

Head to to see the full extent of her portfolio.

A personal message from Nicole......

‘’My aim is to continue doing what I love and in the process make people happy with my visuals. There really is nothing more satisfying than capturing a moment that will last a lifetime. I feel equally as passionate about building my business, helping other business’s grow, helping to create special memories and being apart of my clients journeys as much as they are apart of mine. I wish to continue for as long as I can meeting amazing people, taking risks, travelling and be fearless always,pushing myself out of my comfort zone.’’

Be sure to keep up to date with Nicole’s journey and portfolio by finding her on the below social media channels.

Instagram - @nicoleamyvisuals

Facebook - @nicoleamyvisuals

Vimeo - @nicoleamyvisuals

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