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Meet local business and network Guru Sarah Boxer!

Coming away from having coffee with local business and networking guru Sarah Boxer, always gives me a spring in my step! The positive energy this woman radiates is incredible, as is her story.

Sarah’s mission is to help and empower others to improve their personal health, wealth and emotional state. Sarah has developed her businesses from experiencing various difficult times in her own life.

Back in 2007 Sarah was recommended to try Reiki by a friend. At this particular time in her life she was caring for an ill husband whilst bringing up her three young children. Not long after she lost her sister to cancer, her grandmother and then her husband passed over all within 21 months. With her stress and exhaustion nearly at breaking point Reiki entering her life provided the relevant calming and relaxation tools needed to manage the constant juggling act keeping her family a float. Sarah became a master teacher in 2010 and has continued to share her knowledge and experiences bringing positive energy into many of her clients, students and other practitioner’s lives.

Sarah hosts regular accredited Reiki courses 1,2 & Reiki Master/Teacher, along with retreat days ‘Be The Best Version Of You’ offering an abundance of personal development skills focusing on vision boarding, leadership skills, goal setting, aromatherapy, crystal and their healing properties, life coaching and Reiki healing. There are also regular guest speakers and specialists who join the days to add more positive self development vibes!

Reiki shares are part of Sarah’s giving back to the community philosophy, where current students and other practitioners come together for an evening of meditation and healing. These evenings bring together like minded people from local areas such as Solihull to further a field in London. Everyone Sarah hosts are working towards a holistic approach to improve their lifestyles. These shares raise funds to Sarah’s chosen charity, Dudley Olympics which is very close to her heart. Natalie Hampton, Sarah’s Sister who has now sadly passed away had Down’s Syndrome and through this charity represented Great Britain and at the Commonwealth games in swimming. This non profit making charity raises funds for children and adults with learning disabilities; getting them involved in sports, providing transport, kit and hiring sporting venues. This allows them to train weekly and compete across the UK. You can follow all of this on her ‘Totally Gorgeous By Sarah’ page on Facebook and on LinkedIn under Sarah Boxer.

Another growing part of Sarah’s business is healthy living inside and out. Providing skincare and health solutions by increasing good nutrient intake, eliminating allergic, acidic and addictive foods in order to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Her passion of good nutrition evolved from her own personal health issues after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. As an Executive District Manager with Arbonne International, she now coaches and mentors a growing team of men and women to share the benefits not only of pure safe and beneficial products but also to share the business opportunity which is attached to this growing global company within the health and wellness industry. I have had the pleasure of being able to try and currently use some of the wonderful skincare and nutrition products through experiencing Sarah’s health and product knowledge. Sarah offers 1-1’s, workshops and the opportunity to try these products free of charge with tailored consultations. You can follow this exciting side of her business via ‘Sarah’s Arbonne VIP Room’ on Facebook and Instagram as Sarah Boxer, where she features lifestyle improvements, new products, offers, testimonials and how she can help you become the best version of yourself.

Coming away from spending time with Sarah understanding more about her and her businesses it amazes me how she has such a passion to help everyone whom she comes into contact with. The positive vibes and belief in success is infectious, spending time with someone who has built a businesses off the back of their own hardship then turning it around to help others is so inspiring.

Having Sarah Boxer in your life is a must! You can find her on the following social media platforms and watch this space for her website launch where all of her words of wisdom will be in one place.

Upcoming events to pencil in the diary…

Reiki 1, First Degree Training Saturday 21st - 2nd September 2019

Be The Best Version Of You Saturday 12th October 2019

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