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Introducing Elliott's Home Designs

When I decided to start this blog, I knew immediately who I wanted to feature first and share such a wonderful success story!

I first met Elliott at the start of this year when we decided to redecorate our office. I was on the hunt for a new office desk, after scrolling through numerous branded furniture sites and companies nothing was quite catching my eye in regards to designs or value for money. I turned my attention to exploring Gumtree, Ebay and Facebook as none of us in the office are afraid of rolling up the sleeves for a little bit of upcycling, however Elliott saved us from doing so!

I dropped a message directly to his Facebook page dedicated to his furniture designs, within the hour we were discussing the design and measurements to have our bespoke piece made. Although in the back of my mind there was a little hesitation buying from Facebook rather than a shop, there was an abundance of fantastic reviews that gave us full confidence to go ahead. Within a few weeks Elliott personally delivered our new desk and wow what a beautiful piece!

Elliott's Story

Chatting to Elliott in his work shop learning all about his journey getting his business off the ground was such a pleasure. It is so great to see how far he has come in under a year! Having moved to Stafford just before Christmas and starting a new job within three weeks, the decision was made to quit and take the risk going solo, causing quite the panic for his wife! The epiphany happened whilst sat having a break and he decided to list a couple of his tables on Facebook, he had orders come in immediately. I really admire that he made such a bold move, the key elements of starting up on your own is having the idea, passion and confidence to just give it a go. Yes you can make formal business plans including costs, budgets, analytics etc but realistically entrepreneurs decide to go into business for the buzz of creating something you care about!

Elliott explained to me making bespoke furniture and upcycling has always been a hobby, something he would do for himself, family and friends. But the moment his close ones planted the seed that it could be something more was when his Mother in Law was not well, so he decided to surprise her with giving her home a revamp, on a small budget he managed to transform the furniture via upcycling, restoring and making some new pieces.This moment I think really does reflect his ethos of the business and what he is creating. You can see in how he talks about his work and his customers, the reward he gains from making someone something unique and seeing it in there home really is the core of his business. Pairing a natural talent and skill with this fantastic passion was always going to be the perfect combination!

In just under a year he has gone from working in his garden shed to his third workshop due to outgrowing his previous spaces. He has built a fantastic local relationship with his reclaimed wood supplier. Facebook is still a key element to his sales, but having a website is aiding the growth now taking on contracts with some commercial customers such as pubs and hotels.

The Vision

Growing the manufacturing side of the business, but keeping everything in house with family members getting involved along the way. This will then free up time for Elliott to look into opening his own shop dedicated to his designs and creations. Elliott's main focus is to allow the business to grow at a natural rate, ensuring his ethos, quality of product, fair pricing and bespoke tailored customer service does not get lost. He is very open with me that creating this business is not about selling out and making quick money, but creating a quality of lifestyle that can suit him and his family for many years to come!

Where to find Elliott's Home Designs.....

A great spot tucked away in the Staffordshire countryside, the workshop is on a lovely farmhouse courtyard alongside some other small businesses. A great atmosphere, where everyone helps out and supports each other.

Mucklestone Business Centre, Market Drayton, TF9 4FB

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