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A modest marketing approach.....

Social media is no longer just a platform to keep in contact with distant family and friends, share pictures or generally socialise online. The social media industry as exploded and now has such a huge impact on society whether it be personal, business, politics or news! When I took the dive into running my family business 18 months ago I had a rather large shock to the system of integrating social media into my business life and introducing new social media platforms such as Linkedin and Twitter, the overall concept was pretty daunting!

I expanded my knowledge by following others, researching other business pages, watching Youtube tutorials, buying self help books and do not get me wrong these avenues got me on my feet and allowed me to build the basis of my chosen social media portals….but oh my the process felt lonely! I decided to see what local options were out there so I could start to learn more with others and have some direct guidance and discussions. I came across Modest Marketing via Eventbrite, Natasha the founder runs regular cafe clinics in the Worcestershire area. I was not sure what to expect but really excited to be able to talk all things social media with others in my position trying to learn more!

From the one hour session I was really impressed and immediately felt at ease, Natasha is very informative, reassuring and presents her vast knowledge in a clear and calm way. I took away some great tips and personally for me the biggest thing was knowing I was not alone in this navigation of social media and marketing, this is something that Natasha seems to naturally radiate such a support and care for you and your business, which was really impressive to feel without it being a 1-1 session. Since the cafe clinic, I now follow Modest Marketing online and the regular content is fantastic, I have picked up endless tips and useful software tools to make my social media life easier and more efficient.

Natasha’s background.....

Natasha has a diverse background with experience working for large and small companies, in the charity and public sectors and in education. This breadth of experience helps Natasha to adapt to working with any kind of organisation. One of her many strengths is being able to go into a new organisation and quickly assess their needs and understand what and how they want to communicate.

Much of Natasha’s professional experience has been within the travel and tourism industry, from working for the UK's largest holiday company to more bespoke tour operators and most recently being responsible for the digital marketing of the Cotswolds. In addition spending 5 years with the international development charity VSO and a couple of years working for the University of Oxford. Currently, also working part-time as an adult education tutor teaching English classes at the local library.

Natasha definitely has a patchwork quilt of a CV but this has given her a vast amount of useful skills and knowledge of working in different sectors, with different types of people, situations and budgets.


Natasha offers one to one training on social media marketing for businesses / organisations, along with workshops and cafe clinics.

Modest Start - if you are a new business or new to social media, Natasha can help you set up your social media accounts and make sure they give the best representation of your business and help your customers find you. She will also train you in how to use social media and work with you to come up with ideas on what to post and suggest useful tools to make it quicker and easier to stay on top of your social media.

Modest Maximise - if your business is already on social media but you're not sure you're getting the most out of it, Natasha will review your social media and online presence and give you recommendations and ideas for maximising these to increase your customers and get them engaging with your business.

Modest Ideas - if you find it difficult to come up with ideas for what to post on your social media, Natasha can help your business develop great content to get you noticed. She will provide you with a monthly schedule for your social media channels, including ideas for what to post, events and hashtags you can link to.

Upcoming events:

Social media cafe clinics - every fortnight on Wednesday 10-11am at Orto Lounge, Evesham (next dates: 18 Sept, 2 Oct, 16 Oct).

Relaxed, informal training sessions including lots of tips and advice. Each session covers a specific aspect of marketing your business on social media, plus the chance to ask any questions you have or troubleshoot issues. It's also a good way to network with other local businesses.

Wake up to social media marketing

Wednesday 9 October, 8-9am, Basepoint Evesham.

Discover why social media is essential for marketing your business, which platforms to prioritise, how to talk to your target audience and grow your following. This special session is completely FREE!

Coming up this Autumn/ Winter, a series of workshops to help you market your business effectively using social media which will be held at Basepoint business centre in Evesham. Please visit for dates and details or contact to reserve a place.

The first workshop is on 6th November 10-12 and will cover how to market your business on Facebook

Modest Marketing


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