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Wollaston, DY8

This month we are sharing with you a beautiful property, we have installed only two windows but they have represented more than ever the beauty of upgrading and restoring your home! Spending time with this lovely young couple and being shown around their home really does make us realise why we love being in the property industry. 

Over the last 4 years this couple have lovingly restored this Victorian terrace, the achievement they have made is immense. The property has been taken back to bare brick internally, layouts reconfigured, decorated throughout ensuring all original features are are restored and reintroduced, an extension added, the frontage revamped along with boundary walls, new driveway and the rear garden landscaped. Their eye for detail and original features is displayed everywhere you look.

They are not shy to admit they have put everything into this! Every spare hour has been devoted, from planning, designing and carrying out the works themselves with support from family and friends. What is so inspiring when chatting to them is their determination to finish every element of the restoration to the highest of standard achieving their visions. However getting to this point has not been by having a bottomless pot of cash!

 A natural flare for bargain hunting and patience to research and track down original pieces from across the UK has given this home such a unique and authentic feel. It is evident their eye for design is fantastic, spending money investing in key stages and pieces paired with affordable materials and products has resulted in a spectacular over all finish keeping within the funds available. 

So where do our new windows fit into this stunning home? When the extension was added the couple already had a lovely solid wood door but needed a utility window. This home has a hardwood front door, french doors and the new kitchen door. So we needed to be sympathetic to this, we offered our Residence Collection range the perfect alternative to Timber, colour choice being Corse Lawn Grey which the couple then painted up the other rear doors to match. We have kept the window a full pane of glass as a top hung opener allowing maximum light and views into the garden. The second window being for the cellar that can be seen from the front of the home, again matching this in was key to ensure the overall look remained authentic. 

This project although for us was only small it has had one of the biggest impacts this year, being able to pair your windows and doors so well with the age, style and design of your property is so exciting! Working with lovely homeowners and being apart of their journeys give us so much pride and joy! Next on the list for this home? Replacing the remainder of windows which we can not wait to get stuck into.......but for now a well earned rest for this DIY couple! 


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